How To Use The Retriever

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We recommend a 75 to 100 pounds robe or fishing line, whichever you prefer. This robe is connected to a swivel-ball. 

The swivel-ball is then connect to the lure-retriever. 

It is best to have a fishing poll " don't have to be long, short one is best". You also need wheel for this retriever robe.

When you felt your lure or jig is snagged, don't pull your fishing poll trying to get your lure lose free.

Tis causing the hook on your lure biting harder into whatever it's snagged on, it could be "a tree branch, rocks, or whatever...". 

Below are the steps what you have to do:

1. Take cap off the retriever by turning Counter-clockwise until it come off the retriever - pic below.

Cap is off from the retriever so you can insert the retriever onto the line

2. Align & insert the retriever onto the line through its "slot" at the bottom of the retriever - pic above.

Retriever with Cap on after insert retriever onto the line

3. Put back the cap and lock it by turning clockwise - pic above.

Now let your retriever slides down the line freely, gravity and weight of the retriever will make it slides down the line.

At impact, the retriever knock lose the hook and at the same moment, it lock the swivel-ball behind the hooking spring load wire.

All you have to do now is to pull the retriver line back to retrieve your snagged lure, also you line.

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